3 Pack Hydrosoft Granular 10Kg Salt Water Softener Purifier Recommended For All Types of Water Softeners
This water softener salt is recommended for all types of water softeners for lime scale prevention. It softens water providing cost savings in the maintenance, service and replacement of showers, water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers.
Softened water helps to improve the efficiency of heating systems and hot water, and reduces staining and scaling in kitchens and bathrooms
Dissolves evenly avoiding problems with undissolved salt building up in the base of the water softener. Rounded beads grown from individual crystals of salt for consistent brining in any water softener. Beads of salt are free flowing, so they can be added to a water softener with the minimum of fuss.
The Hydrosoft Granular Salt is a highly efficient dishwashing and water softening agent. Designed specifically for use in commercial or industrial environments, it utilises high-quality granular sale that has been grown from individual crystals of salt. Producing a more rounded bead that flows faster when pouring and mixing, the pure dried salt dissolves quickly and cleanly as it comes into contact with water. A great option for busy environments, our packs of granular salt can be distributed out as needed or stored along with your other stocks for when it's needed the most.
  • Available in 3x 10kg
  • Effective in commercial or industrial dish washing and water softening units
  • Compact pure dried vacuum salt
  • Free flowing and dissolves quickly
  • Suitable for all water softeners
  • Food grade purity
  • Suitable for hard water areas
  • Suitable for a wide variety of water softening machines
  • Helps prevent damage to appliances that use water
  • 10 kg bags
  • UK supply

3 Pack Hydrosoft Granular 10Kg Ultimate Salt Water Softener Purifier Food Grade


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