3 Pack Hydrosoft Tablets The Ultimate Water Softner Salt Recommended For All Tablet Water Softens The Purist Tablets For Your Softner 25 Kg
Key Features:
  • Strong smooth tablets
  • Purest water softening salt tablets
  • Best results for your water softener
  • Compacted using the latest technology
  • Water softener salt
  • Brings consistent brining in any water softener
  • Purest salt tablet produced in the UK
  • Hardest salt tablet produced in the UK
  • Ideal for every water softener
  • Best value for your water softener
  • Hydrosoft Salt Tablets 25kg. Recommended for all types of Water Softener systems for lime scale prevention.
  • Hydrosoft Tablet Salt dissolves evenly, so there should be no issues with undissolved Salt.
  • 99.9% Pure & Food Grade, suitable for Water Softeners, Dishwashers, Water Heaters, Washing Machines and Showers.

3 Pack Hydrosoft Tablets 25KG Salt Recommended For All Water Softeners Purifier

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