Harvey's Block Salt Compatible With All Water Softener Machines Harvey’s Kinetico Aquasol 100% Genuine British Salt Block Block Salt of Premium Quality Food Grade Available In Different pack Sizes
Product Description
Harveys Block Salt, is a convenient way to replenish a water softener. Each block is size of a house brick, the blocks weigh 4 kg - and come in packs of two. 3 Packs (6 Individual Blocks) Delivered to your door Suitable for most water softeners Harvey's are currently using different packaging options.
The Harvey’s salt block sits in 1 cm of water in the salt tank which allows it to dissolve slowly from the bottom. Once it has reduced to about a third of its size, another block can be placed on top, ensuring there’s always salt in the machine.
Harvey’s block salt comes in blocks which is one of the many advantages of a Harvey water softener over other machines. Harvey’s salt blocks are lightweight, compact and easy to store, as well as being much less messy than loose salt. They are also very easy to load and will keep your system up and running, supplying you and your household with softened water 24 hours a day.
  • Havey's Salt Blocks
  • Suitable for all Block Salt Water Softeners including Harveys, Kinetico, Crown, Monarch, Mini-max, Twin-tec and many others.
  • Each Block Size of House Brick
  • Harveys Block Salt is suitable for any brand of block salt softener
  • Made in the UK

Harvey's Block Salt Compatible With All Water Softener Machines Natural UK Salt

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