HSD Himalayan Salt Direct Block Salt Compatible to All Water Softener Machines Harvey’s, Kinetico, Aquasol 100% Genuine British Salt Block, Block Salt of Premium Quality Available In Different Pack Sizes

Key Features:

  • HSD Block salt is very effective for purifying the water for house-hold use.
  • It cleares all the impurities form the water and make it more softener and lighter.
  • The water purified by HSD salt block is residue free for skin, kitchen, bathroom, and other houshold uses.
  • Water purified by HSD salt block is so benificial for your family and house. It keeps you away from many of the deasies caused by impure water.
  • Each block is of house brick size.

HSD - Himalayan Salth Direct - World Best Salt Maker
Salt for Water softening; Salt is used for treating potable water (drinking water) to remove hardness or softened by using ion-exchange recess. Ion-exchange resins to soften the water prior to being used in the boilers and for industrial &commercial applications.

HSD Block Salt Recommended For All Water Softener Machines Original British Salt

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